Resale and eCommerce

Retailer Resale & eCommerce Agreement

In an effort to maintain the strength and reputation of the Star Water Systems brand, STAR WATER SYSTEMS ("STAR"), is instituting this Retailer Resale and eCommerce Agreement (the "Agreement"). The intent of the Agreement is to protect our customers and their end-users.

Terms of Agreement:

  1. The Star Water Systems brand is purposely intended for the retail market. Retail distributors do not have permission to use or alter any copyrighted material, unregistered or registered trademarks or service marks, product or brand images, or other intellectual property belonging to Star without Star's prior written consent.
  2. Retailer agrees to sell Star products only through established retail distribution channels
  3. Retailer agrees that it will not, without first obtaining Star’s written permission, resell Star products through any other distribution channels including, but not limited to, the following:  E-bay, Craigslist, and Amazon.
    1. If found in violation Star reserves the right to immediately terminate its relationship with the Retailer.
    2. Star also reserves the right to provide a warning and/or alter the Retailers net pricing in lieu of termination based on the severity of the violation and damage to the Star Water Systems brand and image.
  4. Retailer agrees that any eCommerce/online resale will be made under the Retailer's name only and only in the agreed upon distribution channels unless Retailer has prior authorization in writing from Star.
  5. Star reserves the right of prior approval with respect to any advertisement in any form pertaining to the sale of its products.
  6. Retailer engaging in eCommerce agrees to our advertised internet price policy as stated below.
    1. Star list price is defined as the current list price published in the most current Star list price book (SW0002). The minimum price on the Internet shall not be advertised less than 10% off the current list price.
    2. Resellers must update their advertised web price on the date that Star price updates become effective.
    3. If one or more Star products are advertised on the web in a non-password protected format or in a non-shopping cart format for distribution at a price lower than the minimum advertised price (list, less 10%) Star reserves the right to immediately terminate its relationship with the retailer. Star also reserves the right to alter the retailer net pricing in lieu of termination.
  7. Star currently plans to follow the sequence below for violations of this Retailer Resale and eCommerce Agreement. This sequence may be altered upon agreement with Star.
      1. First violation: Written warning for compliance with 30 days.
      2. Second violation: Contact by regional manager to discuss violation and establish formal corrective action plan within 10 days, including change to customer discount level.
      3. Third violation: Termination of partnership.

Star reserves the right to amend this Agreement at any time at its sole discretion.