Tannin / Hardness / Iron Removal System

Tannin/hardness/iron removal systems

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The removal of organic tannins from water cannot be accomplished by standard water filters and softeners. The water usually has a yellow or brownish cast and the color does not settle out.

Tannins (or humic acids) are the result of decayed forest vegetation that is picked up by surface water and carried to underground sources. Tannins are organic substances that are very difficult to remove even by oxidation and filtration. They can, however, be removed by the ion exchange principle.

This system is able to remove tannins, hardness and clear water iron from your water supply. The substances are pulled out by special premium grade resins which are easily regenerated with salt. Use salt containing iron control agents or packaged iron control products if iron is present to keep mineral bed in top condition.



  • Digital demand regeneration control valve features:
    • Modular design for easy servicing
    • Automatic water by-pass for constant household flow during regeneration.
    • Motorized cycle sequencing which operates independent of household water pressure.
  • 24 V electrical transformer guards against high voltage danger.
  • Corrosion-proof fiberglass mineral tanks made from approved materials. Also, National Sanitation Foundation approved. Ten-year limited warranty.
  • Corrosion-proof, maintenance-free polyethylene brine tanks and cabinets with brine overflow fitting. Made with FDA approved materials. One-year limited warranty.
  • High quality, long lasting mineral for maximum tannin, hardness and iron removal.
  • By-pass valve included for easy installation and service.


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12v DC transformer
Inlet Size
Inlet 3/4", Outlet 3/4"
Weight UM
164 lb

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