Water Well Tanks

A. How is it possible for the pre-charged tanks to hold the same amount of water as conventional tanks even though they are smaller?
Tanks are sized based on the amount of water provided before the water pressure drops enough to turn on the pump. Galvanized tanks are very inefficient and leave most of their stored water in the tank when the pump turns on. Pre-charged tanks are very efficient and will provide you with more water between pump cycles.

B. Do I need to change my plumbing to replace my galvanized tank with a pre-charged tank?
Some adjustments will be necessary. A complete set of instructions are included with each pre-charged tank that will help you with the installation.

C. How do I know what size to buy?
If you already have a pre-charged tank, simply buy one of the same physical size. If you have a conventional tank, use the tank cross reference chart.

Make sure you have a tank size suited to your present plumbing system. You may need to switch to a higher or lower capacity model to match the system. To select the proper size tank, count the number of fixtures in your home (sinks, showers, bathtubs, toilets, dishwashers, faucets, washing machines, outside faucets, etc.). The proper tank volume is three (3) times the number of fixtures.

For example:

No Fixtures

Tank Volume

Star Air-E-Tainer Tank



132661 or larger



132662 or larger



132663 or larger



133517 or larger



136875 or larger



135460 or larger



136876 or larger

If you have a heat pump, hot tub, sprinkler system or irrigation system, choose a tank one model larger.

D. How does the Star Air E-Tainer Work?

How the star air-e-tainer tank works

  1. Tank is pre-pressurized with air at the factory.
  2. When pump starts, water enters the reservoir. At 50 psig system is filled. Pump shuts off.
  3. When water is demanded, pressure in the air chamber forces water into the system. Pump turns on.
  4. When pressure in tank drops to pressure switch cut-in point (30 psig) pump refills the tank.