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Residential utility water pumps are vital devices for every home. These water removal pumps are often the difference between a dry basement and a serious flood, providing homeowners with the function and security they need.

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2STHALC Submersible Utility Pump image
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2STHALC Submersible Utility Pump

The 2STHALC Submersible Utility Pump is your reliable solution for general water transfer tasks.

2SUEL Sensor Utility Pump image
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2SUEL Sensor Utility Pump

This pump operates automatically, running when water is present and shutting off when dry.

5STH High-Volume Utility Pump image
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5STH High-Volume Utility Pump

Designed with a robust 1/2 HP motor, it's perfect for high-volume tasks in rental, farm, and contractor applications.

COND1 Condensate Pump image
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COND1 Condensate Pump

Constructed with durable ABS plastic housing, it guarantees strength and durability.

CS511 Portable Utility Pump image
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CS511 Portable Utility Pump

Whether you're tackling lawn sprinkling, power washing, or water transfer tasks, this pump has you covered.

HPP12V Transfer Pump image
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HPP12V Transfer Pump

Featuring a cast aluminum pump head to prevent cross-threading, it ensures durability and longevity.

HPP360 Transfer Pump image
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HPP360 Transfer Pump

Suitable for various applications such as emptying water beds, washing machines, removing water from pool covers, and transferring water from RV holding tanks and stock tanks.

UTHALC Submersible Utility Pump image
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UTHALC Submersible Utility Pump

This pump ensures efficient and long-lasting performance, with thermal overload protection for added safety and peace of mind.