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Water Transfer

Residential utility water pumps are vital devices for every home. These water removal pumps are often the difference between a dry basement and a serious flood, providing homeowners with the function and security they need.

2STHALC Submersible Utility Pump image
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2STHALC Submersible Utility Pump

The 2STHALC Submersible Utility Pump is your reliable solution for general water transfer tasks.

2SUEL Sensor Utility Pump image
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2SUEL Sensor Utility Pump

This pump operates automatically, running when water is present and shutting off when dry.

5STH High-Volume Utility Pump image
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5STH High-Volume Utility Pump

Designed with a robust 1/2 HP motor, it's perfect for high-volume tasks in rental, farm, and contractor applications.

UTHALC Submersible Utility Pump image
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UTHALC Submersible Utility Pump

This pump ensures efficient and long-lasting performance, with thermal overload protection for added safety and peace of mind.

CS511 Portable Utility Pump image
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CS511 Portable Utility Pump

Whether you're tackling lawn sprinkling, power washing, or water transfer tasks, this pump has you covered.

HPP12V Transfer Pump image
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HPP12V Transfer Pump

Featuring a cast aluminum pump head to prevent cross-threading, it ensures durability and longevity.