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5 Tips to Keep Your Basement Dry During Heavy Storms

Aug 28, 2023

By webfx

Sump Pump Flooded Basement

If your basement floods during heavy rain, you may begin to worry as soon as you hear the first drops on your rooftop. Heavy rainwater can penetrate your basement quickly, posing a threat to any items in your basement storage.

Preventing basement flooding in the first place is the best way to combat potential flood damage. Use our tips to keep your space dry during the next heavy downpour.

1. Buy a Durable Sump Pump

Having a sump pump to direct water out of your basement can make it easier to clear your basement in case of flooding. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing your home is protected from heavy rain.

Star Water Systems carries an extensive selection of sump pumps to serve any residence. You can choose from:

2. Check Your Sump Pump

A sump pump needs to run correctly to ensure water doesn’t build up around your home and get in the basement. You should hear it kick on as the water level in your sump pit rises. If you don’t hear it, the pump could be damaged.

If you don’t think your sump pump is operating as it should, visit our [link] common sump pump problems & solutions checklist [link].

3. Clean Out Your Gutters

When water has nowhere to go in your gutters, it will flow down the side of your house and pool along the sides and may eventually drip into your basement. Water that pools at your foundation and can direct water into your basement.

Regularly clear out dirt, debris and twigs that can build up in your gutters to keep the water flowing properly.

4. Place Gutter Spouts Far From Your Foundation

Assuming your gutters work correctly, their positioning is equally important to prevent basement flooding. Heavy rain could cause a buildup of water that leaks into your basement if the spouts point close to your house.

Position your spouts so they carry the runoff several feet away from your home. You may need to extend them to reach maximum clearance.

5. Add More Landscaping

Putting additional landscaping around the foundation of your home can prevent water from leaking into the basement. Plants and mulch absorb excess moisture, keeping it away from your home. Of course, you also enjoy the added benefit of an attractive new display that can increase your home’s curb appeal.

Plant the new greenery close to the foundation, and surround it with mulch to move excess water away from your house.

Prevent Basement Flooding With Products From Star Water Systems

Use our ideas for how to prevent basement flooding during rain to keep your belongings safe and your basement dry. Star Water Systems has a range of helpful products if you need to get a new sump pump. Search for a retailer near you or check out our products on Amazon.