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Utility Pump Buyer’s Guide

Sep 15, 2022

By webfx

Buying a utility pump can be difficult because there are many options to consider. Different types of utility pumps come with different benefits that you can use for various applications. There are regular utility pumps, submersible utility pumps, automatic utility pumps, deep well pumps and utility transfer pumps.

What Are Utility Pumps?

Utility pumps are used for temporary water transfer or removal. They are typically multipurpose, and they’re not considered to be primary pumps. You can use a utility pump as a precautionary measure or for maintenance draining of areas. Star Water Systems carries high-quality and reliable submersible pumps, transfer pumps and condensate pumps.

Utility pumps are ideal for managing and preventing flooding in areas of the home with high flood risk, like the basement.  Utility pumps are quite practical because you can use them to drain pools, water heaters, tubs, aquariums and more. Residential utility pumps are also energy-efficient, since they use water pressure to operate.

Types of Utility Pumps

The types of Utility pumps

Learning about the different types of utility pumps can help you determine which type is most suited to your needs.

Submersible Utility Pumps

Submersible utility pumps are multi-use pumps that can be fully submerged in water. You can use them to drain and remove water from many different settings. They can remove standing water, empty clogged tubs and sinks or even drain window wells.

Submersible utility pumps do not require priming and do not suffer from air leaks in the pump.

So, are submersible utility pumps superior? The answer depends on your application. Most submersible pumps are portable and lightweight, which makes them easy to operate in hard-to-reach places. However, these pumps shouldn’t run dry — you will need to turn them off when the water is gone.  These pumps are also typically more costly than non-submersible utility pumps.

Automatic Submersible Pumps

Automatic utility pumps have all the benefits of submersible utility pumps, but they also have a float switch. This float switch will turn the pump on when there’s water and turn it off when the water is gone. This feature is incredibly helpful when you don’t want to watch the pump work or worry about turning it off.

Transfer Pumps

Transfer pumps can move up to 360 gallons of water per hour from one area to another via hoses or pipes, making water management for your home simpler than ever.

Pool Cover Pumps

A pool cover pump is a type of pump used specifically to prevent water buildup on pool covers. You simply attach the hose, plug in the pump and set it on top of the pool cover.

Condensate Pumps

Air conditioner coils produce condensation that can be problematic without a condensate pump or nearby floor drain. Condensate pumps are used alongside air conditioners to pump the resulting water away.

Star Water Systems Utility Pumps

We carry a variety of quality utility pumps for your water movement needs.

Submersible Utility Pumps

Our submersible utility pumps have oil-free motors with long service lives, which makes them more environmentally friendly. These pumps have thermoplastic bodies that are heat-, stress- and corrosion-resistant. They also have thermal overload protection and a vent hole to prevent airlock. We have a sensor utility pump for automatic operation and a high-volume utility pump that can move 55 gallons per minute.

Utility Transfer Pumps

Our electric transfer pumps have motors designed to prevent overload, which promotes longer service life. Made from cast aluminum, the pump head prevents cross-threading, while the cast iron pump housing makes our utility transfer pumps extra durable. Our portable utility pump can boost your line pressure by as much as 40 PSI for applications such as power washing. Our other transfer pumps can move 275 or 360 gallons per hour.

Condensate Pumps

Our low-profile condensate pump includes a built-in safety switch. The housing is made from ABS plastic for enhanced durability, and a bearingless sealed motor will help your condensate pump last longer.

Buy Your Utility Pump From Star Water Systems

At Star Water Systems, we’re the dependable residential utility pump solution for your water movement needs. For over 150 years, we’ve been committed to creating products that are superior in quality and performance. Our energy-efficient, practical utility pumps are perfect for flood prevention and backup use.

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