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All About the Powerflush Optima from Star Water Systems

Mar 13, 2023

By webfx

Power Flush Optima Revised

Having multiple bathrooms is practical and convenient, especially for larger family households. Many plans for additional bathrooms go unfinished because the location of choice isn’t close enough to the main drain to install a working toilet. This is especially true for areas like basements and outbuildings where major plumbing overhauls would be required. Luckily, there’s another solution.

With the Powerflush Optima & Powerflush Optima Pro, you can install a toilet practically anywhere in your house with ease. This instant toilet system eliminates the need for complicated plumbing modifications, saving you time and money.

At Star Water Systems, we offer high-quality products that make home improvement easier. We have the tools to serve all of your residential water movement needs.

How Powerflush Optimas Work

When you purchase the Powerflush Optima or Powerflush Optima Pro from Star Water Systems, you’ll have the ability to install your toilet in even the most challenging locations. This instant toilet mounts directly to the floor and features a patented tank system designed to transfer wastewater and sewage to existing sewer lines up to 20 feet upward, eliminating the need to conduct a complex plumbing overhaul or break into concrete.

You can choose to perform an exposed or hidden installation, where the tank will either be in view behind the toilet or concealed within the wall. If you’d like to include additional fixtures in your bathroom, such as a bathtub, shower or sink, you can plumb these appliances into the Powerflush Optima’s or Powerflush Optima Pro’s tank unit. They’ll function by draining into one another.

features and benefits of the powerflush optima from star water systems

Powerflush Optima Vs. Powerflush Optima Pro: What’s the Difference?

The main differences between the traditional Powerflush Optima & the Powerflush Optima Pro are the type of pump used in the toilet system and the horsepower of the pump.

The Powerflush Optima uses a 1/3 HP Macerator Pump, which delivers a scissor-like cut to any material that flows through it. Macerating systems cannot run dry, and are best suited to handle small solids like hair, wipes & plastics. Meanwhile, the Powerflush Optima Pro uses a 1/2 HP Grinder Pump, which utilizes two cutting blades that pull the solids into the center and “grinds” them until they are small enough to move through the system. Unlike Macerators, grinder units are able to run dry and can handle medium to large solids.

Benefits of Upflush Toilet Systems

Investing in the Powerflush Optima or Powerflush Optima Pro means experiencing all the benefits of an instant toilet installation. Some of the many advantages of choosing this advanced model include:

  • Versatility: Both the Powerflush Optima and Powerflush Optima Pro give you the freedom to install a complete bathroom practically anywhere in your home.
  • Style: Powerflush Optimas has all the visual appeal of traditional toilets. You can also purchase our extension kit to install the pump behind the wall for an even cleaner look.
  • Comfort: Our comfort height toilet gives users the best possible bathroom experience. We also have both round and elongated toilet bowls available for you to choose from.
  • Value: Having multiple bathrooms in your home can significantly increase your overall property value, giving you an excellent return on investment should you choose to sell in the future.

Applications of Instant Toilet Systems

With the Powerflush Optima or Powerflush Optima Pro, you can add a bathroom almost anywhere. These instant toilets are the ideal solutions for a wide range of spaces:

  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Cabins
  • Additions
  • New homes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Pool houses

Add a New Bathroom to Your Home With the Powerflush Optima

You can install a new toilet into your home without the hassle when you invest in the Powerflush Optima or Powerflush Optima Pro from Star Water Systems. We’re your single source for all your home improvement system and residential water supply needs, offering everything from utility pumps to water tanks and irrigation pumps.

Contact us today for more information on the Powerflush Optima Pro & its macerating counterpart, the Powerflush Optima.