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Power Flush Toilets vs. the Powerflush Optima Pro From Star Water Systems

Jun 27, 2023

By webfx

Simplify toilet installation and take flushing power to the next level with an upflush toilet system. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Power Flush Toilet?

Power flush toilets, also called upflush toilet systems or pressure-assisted toilets, aren’t your typical setup. They’re designed to minimize clogs and offer a more commanding flush that leaves bowls cleaner. They install anywhere with little effort, and they are perfect for the DIYer or homeowner who’s tired of large-scale construction projects.

Standard flush toilets collect water in the attached tank, and the flush handle or button releases water into the tank to move waste down and through the piping, largely depending on the power of gravity. Power flush toilets offer maximized force. Instead of dropping water from a tank, they utilize a sealed, pressurized tank filled with water and trapped air. Flushing initiates a swift that releases the water and air into the bowl, pushing waste out with more force.

Once the waste leaves the toilet, it’s processed through an upflush toilet grinder or a macerating pump. Both pumps operate via the same basic operations — they pulverize and process waste and transport it through the rest of your sewage system the same as a traditional toilet would.

How Are the Powerflush Optima and Optima Pro Different?

The Powerflush Optima and Optima Pro aren’t your standard upflush toilets — our systems are powerful, convenient, and built to withstand your toughest flushes.

Our 100% factory-tested systems are:

  • Powerful: The Powerflush Optima boasts a 1/3 horsepower macerator pump, while the Optima Pro’s 1/2 horsepower grinder pump moves waste up to 20 feet high. The nonclogging vortex impeller keeps operations streamlined for a reliable flush, while the automatic reset feature protects the pump system from overheating.
  • Customizable: Choose from a round or elongated bowl and optional discrete installation behind the wall with an added extension kit. You can also choose between a macerated or grinder pump, depending on if you choose the standard or Pro version.
  • Versatile: The one-size-fits-all solution installs just about anywhere you want, whether that’s a basement-to-suite upgrade or you’re adding a new addition to the home and don’t want the added hassle of plumbing construction. Prefer more power in the bathroom? They’re ideal replacements for traditional toilets without sacrificing the traditional, clean appearance. And speaking of clean, you’ll love how easy the units’ smooth surface is to wipe and disinfect.
  • Simple: DIY installation is significantly easier than traditional toilet setups, and even beginners can tackle the project on their own. Our units’ recessed handles make carrying and movement easier for faster installation.

Dump Your Old System — Upgrade Today!

Enjoy the convenience and power of the Powerflush Optima or Optima Pro by finding a dealer near you today!