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4 Home Improvement Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Home

Apr 22, 2024

By webfx

After a year or so of living in your house, you often get a proper feel for it. Now, you know your favorite parts of your home, just as you know its weaknesses. There could be too little cabinet space in your kitchen, or maybe the first-floor bathroom door never closes quite right.

While you might look at certain home upgrades as unimportant or even a hassle, many fixes are great opportunities to make daily living easier while increasing the value of your home in the long term. With a little planning, innovation, and budgeting, you can turn that rickety staircase into a grand entrance or do a complete storage-increasing bedroom makeover. This article looks at four ideas to inspire you to take that step and get closer to the house you want rather than the house you have.

1. Make Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Most homes in the United States use about 45% of their energy just to heat up the air. Another 18% goes to water heating. If you want to create a more efficient space and save money, get an energy evaluation on your home and make adjustments as necessary to improve your home’s energy efficiency. These updates will appeal to most buyers, as no one wants to purchase a home that comes with steep energy bills.

This evaluation will reveal air leaks in your house, which you can then seal to help minimize indoor air escaping outside. Upgrading the insulation in your walls can also make a massive difference in keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The other area that often is the culprit in heat loss is the windows. If your windows are in good shape, you can seal them with weatherstripping. Alternatively, you can look to add a solar control film or add exterior shading with cottage shutters or sophisticated awnings, depending on your personal taste.

If you find that your home’s heating and cooling system could use an upgrade, look for an energy-efficient model as a replacement. Plus, you could install a smart thermostat, allowing the user to set specific times for the appliances to turn on and off, which helps avoid unnecessary heating and cooling. In the eyes of homebuyers, new sustainable technology is always a bonus.

2. Add to Your Outdoor Living Space

Could your backyard use a little attention? There are many ways you can improve or expand your outdoor living space and turn it into a space you never want to leave, including:

  • Deck or patio: Adding a patio or deck can have a hugely positive impact on your quality of life. Now, you have space to read a book on a warm morning or have a cup of coffee with a friend. It’s an outdoor nook that only needs a table and a few chairs to make it cozy and welcoming. Of course, you could also build an expansive deck perfect for entertaining family and friends — it’s up to you, but future homebuyers will appreciate the extra living space either way.
  • Outdoor kitchen: There’s just something about cooking outside that makes the experience more fun. If you or your family enjoy cooking, creating a space to grill and prepare dishes outdoors can be a great idea. Incorporate all the essentials anyone would need to cook or serve food outside, including a sink, certain appliances and an outdoor dining spot.
  • Lighting, seating and other accessories: If you already have an outdoor space you like to hang out in, you may want to add upgrades to make the area truly shine. For example, simply improving outdoor lighting can have a positive impact on your home’s value. Try incorporating built-in seating and lawn features to build out an amazing space.

3. Consider Home Office Updates

Many people now work from home, and you can appeal to specific buyers — and create a more comfortable working space for yourself — by turning a spare room into a home office or updating your current work area. In fact, data shows homes with functional home offices sell for more than 3% higher than homes without them. Here are some tips and tricks to consider for your new office:

  • Choose a quiet room that gets a lot of great natural light.
  • Incorporate ergonomic furniture and storage solutions — built-in storage can be a perk for potential future buyers.
  • Make sure the room has good internet connectivity.
  • Consider adding soundproofing elements to dampen noise from calls and virtual meetings.

4. Create Another Bathroom

Typically, bathrooms are in high demand, especially in peak times such as the morning and evening when everyone is brushing their teeth or getting ready for the day. An extra bathroom can add convenience and functionality for everyone in the household, which also improves property market value. In particular, adding another bathroom makes the property more appealing to buyers with larger households. If anything, making modern updates to existing bathrooms can be highly beneficial.

Think about where you might want to add a new bathroom in your house or how you can update your existing features to make the space easier to use. For example, you may have the perfect spot for a new half-bath in your basement. When it comes to bathroom amenities, you can choose items that save room while elevating the space. A high-quality shower with appealing tile and seamless controls can have a bigger impact than a large tub.

If you want to create a bathroom in a space without access to the right plumbing setup, you have options. An advanced upflush toilet can help you turn nearly any part of your home into a bathroom with simple installation. These powerful and customizable toilets come with a pump system that helps the toilet operate seamlessly — no need to break the ground to find pipes and connect the system to them.

Whether you want to add a full ensuite bathroom to complete your upstairs or just want to add a bathroom to your basement, you have options to make your space more functional and increase your home’s value.

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