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Ideas for Improving Your Pool House Without Major Construction

Apr 22, 2024

By webfx

Your pool house is a unique space. It brings people together, accentuates your swimming pool and is excellent for entertaining. But how do you make it more convenient, inviting and comfortable?

Adding a kitchen, transitional space and a multipurpose bathroom are some ways to enhance your pool house. These additions can add value to your home and improve your swimming pool area. To help you get the most out of your pool house, we’ve compiled some ideas for improving your pool area without significant construction.

1. Create More Open Space

Your pool house is an extension of your swimming pool and should facilitate entertainment, socializing and other activities. To enhance your pool area, you can make your pool house more fluid or transitional.

For example, you might create an open-plan walkway leading to your pool with surrounding enclosures to shelter your equipment, appliances and guests from the elements. Alternatively, open up your pool house with an open floor plan, seamlessly moving from your entertainment area to the kitchen. This way, you enhance socializing and get the most out of your pool house. 

2. Add Seating

Adding seating to your pool house is an excellent way to enhance socializing and comfort. You might incorporate furniture outside of your pool house to create a hang-out space near both the pool and the pool house. You can also add more seating inside the pool house to create a private and relaxing space away from the pool and other outdoor activities.

Another excellent seating idea is adding an overlooking swimming pool bar so you and your guests can enjoy a drink and converse while taking in the sights. If you have an outdoor kitchen near the pool house, add barstool seating there so people can snack while they take a break from swimming.

3. Invest in a Kitchen Area

What’s a pool party without a barbeque or snacks? Creating a pool house kitchen is a convenient way to prepare meals or refreshments for your guests. It can minimize walking to and from the main house and time spent away from visitors. An outdoor kitchen is also an excellent way to show off your culinary and hosting skills.

You don’t need to knock down walls or complete other major construction to achieve this kind of dining space. A mini fridge and some cabinetry to store snacks are all you need to create a small, accessible kitchen-like area without much work at all. If you already have an outdoor grilling area, you can supplement the space with other features — like an outdoor refrigerator or freezer — to turn it into a full-blown kitchen.

4. Install a TV

Nothing brings people together like a good sports match, music or friendly games. While swimming and playing games in the pool is often enough to keep kids entertained, the adults may want to entertain themselves with something else — and a TV area is the perfect solution. Everyone gets to hang out in the same area, but they have more than one option for entertainment.

Gather everyone around your bar and watch the big football or basketball game. Non-sports fanatics can enjoy a movie or lounge in the pool listening to their favorite songs. A TV area can provide versatility and meet everyone’s entertainment needs.

5. Incorporate Additional Storage

Storage is an essential pool house component, ideal for stowing equipment like loungers, floaties, bar supplies and tools. Dedicate a suitable space for storage, preferably away from the main pool house areas, to prevent cluttering. For example, a small storage closet on the exterior of the pool house might be ideal, since people won’t have to go inside to access it. You can equip your storage space with hooks and shelves for neatly organizing your pool items.

6. Include a Pool House Bathroom 

A bathroom is one of the most valuable additions to improve your pool house. Restrooms and changing areas can make your pool house more comfortable and inviting. A bathroom offers a convenient and private area for guests to change in and out of their bathing suits or freshen up after a day in the sun.

A pool house bathroom also minimizes pool water and debris from being tracked into your home. When you have several people over for a fun day of swimming, keeping everyone contained around the pool makes it easier to keep your house tidy. A pool house bathroom is a convenient add-on, providing numerous design and spatial benefits.

Best of all, you don’t need to break ground to install your toilet systems — power flush toilets are the perfect options for pool house bathrooms, as they use macerator pumps to dispose of waste. There’s no major construction needed to have a comfortable and accessible bathroom in your space. Installation is simple, even without prior expertise.

What do you need in a pool bathroom? Here are some pool bathroom ideas to help you get started: 

  • Separate stalls: If you have a bigger space, you can divide your bathroom with separate toilet stalls. This way, you can accommodate more guests while maintaining their privacy.
  • Multipurpose bathroom: To make your guests feel at home, consider a comprehensive bathroom with a seating area, sink, vanity, mirrors and other pool house bathroom essentials.
  • Cubbies and shelves: Another excellent way to maximize space is by installing shelves and cubbies. These compartments can be perfect for storing extra towels and other bathroom essentials.
  • Unique storage: Swap out ordinary bathroom features for different storage solutions like lockers and vanities, providing a luxury spa feel.

A pool house bathroom is a convenient and valuable investment, helping you keep pool water out of your house and enhancing your guests’ privacy and comfort.

Enhance Your Pool House Bathroom With Star Water Systems

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Our bathroom solutions can help you conveniently improve your pool house and home value. Whether you have complex or limited bathroom space, our systems are designed to meet numerous spatial and layout requirements.

There’s no major construction involved — after purchasing the toilet, you simply have to install it in your intended space according to the instructions. You don’t need access to a traditional drain line, and the self-contained system offers quiet operation.

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